Boat Training, Fishing, Kayaking, Motorsports

Docking, maneuvering, anchoring, they’re all easy – that is, if you’ve been making a living on the water and piloting boats day in and day out for the past 20 years. For those of you that don’t fall into that category, perhaps you’re new to the sport or moving up in craft size, these boat handling activities and others can provoke anxiety and occasionally create unsafe conditions. Experienced skippers are usually knowledgeable in these areas; however, sometimes their ability to pilot their vessels is compromised by the limitations of advancing age or simply the constraints of time and other commitments. Not only do we deal with these boats but we also deal with kayaking, motorsports and kayak fishing. We only stock the best kayaks including the hobie revolution series, which you can find reviewed here kayakerguide.com.
In 2000, after 32 years of experience in the cockpit as a commercial airline pilot for Delta Air Lines, I decided to combine my knowledge of boating, with my piloting and instructional experience to address the needs of both novice and experienced boat operators. Some of the key differences to my approach in the critical area of Boat Handling are outlined below, while my Captain Services are outlined in a separate section. Please contact us today to learn more of our services in either area.


  • Procedures & Awareness – In aircraft training, where safety is paramount, pilots are trained to understand both the concepts and the practice; follow step by step procedures; and to maintain situational awareness at all times – our boat training is based on this same approach.
  • Interactive Approach – As a flight instructor charged with training other pilots, I developed interactive training techniques which stress explanation; “hands-on” practice; and dialog; which not only speed learning, but increase retention – these techniques are used in every boat handling lesson.
  • Broad Boating Experience & Local Knowledge – Over 100 boaters have benefited from my unique approach to boat handling instruction on craft which ranged in size from 16’ to 60’. And as a native of Boston, my knowledge of local waters and weather conditions is rivaled only by a handful of “old salts”.
  • Relationships – With a background in instruction and a real interest in people, I view each boat training session as another opportunity to deepen our relationship. In contrast to other providers, my door is always open and I welcome the opportunity to provide advice and counsel on such subjects as safety equipment, marine electronics, resources, etc.
  • Credentials – United States Coast Guard Merchant Marine Officer License endorsed to operate 100 ton vessels out to 200 nautical miles.
  • Kayak Basics – We teach our boat captains to provide kayaking as an alternative sport by harnessing a kayak within the boat
  • Kayak Fishing With Customers Training – We teach our captains to harness kayak fishing as a secondary option while the boat is anchored as well as opportunities to sell affiliate products and showing consumers a catalogue of the best fishing kayaks to purchase while retaining commissions

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